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Tom Hawes is the most knowledgeable Systems Architect I have worked with. He has the ability to communicate advanced software architecture and development methodologies in a manner that is accepted by development teams and can be implemented without confusion.
Tools & Technqiues
Tools/Techniques Business Strategy Competitive Intelligence Early Warning
Acquisition Assessments X  
Branding/Trademark Maps X X X
Coaching Mentoring X X
Company Capability Comparisons X X  
Competitor Dashboards X  
Competitor Value Comparisons   X  
Ecosystem Analysis X X  
Executive Profiling X X  
Financial Comparisons X X  
Gaps Analysis   X X
Job Listing Analysis   X X
Organization Change Management X X X
Porter's Four Corners X X  
Porter's Five Forces X X  
Press Release Analysis X   X
Process Development X X X
Product Comparisons X X X
Standard Bodies Involvement X X X
Strategic Maps X X  
SWOT Analysis X X  
Tradeshow Intelligence X X X
Trend Tracking   X X
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