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“I asked Tom how he solves so many problems, because I was amazed at how he finds solutions in a variety of industries and business settings. He responded that it is not he who solves the problem - instead, his role is to help business leaders 'think with clarity' – which enables them to solve their own problems. And that is indeed what he has done for me. Tom excels at talking you through your business situation, finding the 360 view, filtering out irrelevant details and distractions, and helping you focus on what really matters. And sure enough, his process leads to solutions. I have relied on his professional insight and guidance several times in both strategic and tactical issues. I recommend him unreservedly to any executive. Tom can help you reach your goals faster”
“Of the hundreds of managers I've worked with in my career, Tom has to rank in the top 1%. He has everything you could want in a manager, a consultant, or a person.”
One of Tom's greatest qualities is his ability to sift through all the noise in his client's head and focus on the strategy that will move his client forward efficiently and effectively. His sharp intellect and brilliant analytical skills support his sound judgment and reasoning. He helps develop a plan that will work for what someone wants to accomplish, but he has the insightful ability to also know what is needed, and he brings that to light for the client as well. I am especially impressed by his ability to be fully present. He is one of those people that make you feel like you are the center of his world for a time. He is sharp, dependable, kind, ethical--he's the real deal
“Tom is one of the most analytical engineers I have worked with. He is able to organize a wide range of issues and parameters affecting a design and deal with them on a factual basis. He also has a strong ability to summarize complex issues in effective ways and communicate them well while encouraging effective participation of team members in deciding on solutions. He is very process and metric focused with good people skills.”
“Tom is an honest, warm, and friendly person. Always a straight shooter, and with can-do attitude. Tom represented TI’s interests but was always sensitive to the special needs of Virtio, the small startup. Tom’s personal life story was a source of inspiration to me and my family.”
“Tom has this very refreshing style of communication, thought process and presentation. I've often told him that he should write a book on presentation techniques - it's extremely effective and efficient. My interactions with Tom were primarily at a time when we were going through a process of incubating a new business venture. Tom's assistance with dissecting the competitive landscape and helping us understand mountains of data in a simplistic and yet effective style was key. Besides his presentation style, I found myself wanting to learn the way he tears data apart and puts them back in a manner that is visually and academically appealing. Tom brings a wealth of experience and knowledge but is, at-heart, a down-to-earth professional engineer who is also socially endearing. It has been my pleasure and privilege to have known and worked with Tom.”
“Tom has great insight into problem solving, whether technical or people related, and was a tremendous asset to our team being able to deliver the product. Since then, I've worked with Tom on various projects and have really appreciated the keen insight and strategic understanding of business and technical issues he brings. Tom is an exceptional communicator and manager.”
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