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Of the hundreds of managers I've worked with in my career, Tom has to rank in the top 1%. He has everything you could want in a manager, a consultant, or a person.
JTHawes Consulting, LLC, was founded to bring the lessons of effective strategy to high technology business leaders. 

The owner and principal, Tom Hawes, is the founder of the Competitive Intelligence Case Studies siteCI Cases (cicases.jthawes.com) and author of the Strategically Thinking blog (blog.jthawes.com).

Tom's experiences are deep and varied. He led product development teams, worked on business growth strategies and created a systems architecture team for a $500M business education technology business. His key interests were examining how to effect change in a successful organization and how to mentor others through those changes.
More recently, he spent several years in a $4B Wireless semiconductor business where the focus was on software strategy and competitive intelligence. Tom created a division wide competitive intelligence (CI) program that tracked 15 major competitors, established standards for doing CI and completed many studies for senior management.

"Strategy in the narrow sense involves planning the use of resources and the deployment of capabilities to achieve objectives and prevail on competition. In the broader sense, strategy also concerns the rational determination of a company's vital interests, the purposes that are essential to its continued survival as an institution and define it in relation to other organizations, and its objectives.

Strategic thinking is forward-looking and concerned with exploring multiple scenarios, alternatives, and options. It is externally focused and tries to anticipate states of nature and the behavior of the relevant actors in a situation."

                                                        Robert Burgelman, Strategy is Destiny (New York: Free Press, 2002)

When you need help with your business and competitive strategy, JTHawes Consulting has the tools, experience and ability to make a difference in your business. Let's talk about it.

Tom Hawes
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