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Tom has great insight into problem solving, whether technical or people related, and was a tremendous asset to our team being able to deliver the product. Tom is an exceptional communicator and manager.
"Tell me and I forget,
Show me, and I may remember.
Involve me, and I will understand."

We are offering three customized Competitive Intelligence courses. Each course is delivered in a workshop format with extensive use of practical exercises and simulations. Attendees are engaged throughout to think through how Competitive Intelligence works for them and how their use can be improved to deliver better business results.

Our approach is to customize each class or series of classes to your situation. Thus, we will meet with you before scheduling the classes to understand the challenges that you face and the objectives that you have for the training. With that information, we will propose customized training to deliver the needed benefits. The customization helps you to get what you need and avoid what is unimportant.
CI Workshop
Developing a working definition for competitive intelligence
Discovering competitive information in the organization
Formulating critical competitive questions for major functional areas
Establishing ROI criteria for competitive intelligence
Exploring defensive nature of competitive intelligence
Setting initial improvement plans
Critical steps to get started effectively with competitive intelligence.
Assigning responsibility for competitive intelligence
Creating key question template
Selecting analysis approaches
Identifying information sources
Reaching conclusions and recommendations
Communicating results to multiple audiences
Establishing sharing tools
Perfect to formalize ad hoc competitive intelligence efforts.
"Follow the money" principle
Company strategy monitoring
Understanding gap analysis
News information collection
Product intelligence collection
Technology tracking and projection
Financial comparisons
Excellent for teams that are moving toward competitive intelligence maturity.
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