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Tom excels at talking you through your business situation, finding the 360 view, filtering out irrelevant details and distractions, and helping you focus on what really matters. And sure enough, his process leads to solutions.

Speaking is a way to connect with people. For speaking (at least for me) involves listening. My listeners tell me much through their comments, questions and expressions. I give, they give and we both prosper.

The best way to sound like you know what you're talking about is to know what you're talking about.”  ~Author Unknown

Competitive Intelligence

  • What it is and why you should care

  • How to start doing competitive intelligence tomorrow

  • A comprehensive approach to creating a CI group where none existed

  • A framework to measure your current competitive intelligence and a plan to improve

  • A survey of powerful models and techniques for competitive intelligence

  • How to methodically identify, track and close competitive gaps

  • Using competitive intelligence case studies to solve real problems

Business Strategy

  • The pitfalls of looking inward for strategy

  • The strategy action cycle and how to master each step

  • Common reasons that strategies fail and what to do

  • Integrating competitive intelligence in strategy development

  • A survey of powerful models and techniques for competitive intelligence

Organizational Change

  • Understanding barriers to change in your organization

  • Using a change model to explain what is happening

  • The barriers and opportunities when creating a new function

  • Explaining what leaders do to promote change

Professional Development

  • Defining a professional growth path in strategy

  • Defining a professional growth path in competitive intelligence

  • Why have a strategy coach and what they will help you do better

I am available to speak at association meetings, work groups or special events. In addition to in-person meetings, I also do webinars. Contact me to schedule a speaking engagement.
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