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Tom is an honest, warm, and friendly person. Always a straight shooter, and with can-do attitude. Tom represented TI’s interests but was always sensitive to the special needs of Virtio, the small startup. Tom’s personal life story was a source of inspiration to me and my family.

Introductions (at least the best ones) work two ways. Perhaps I know someone that you need to know. Tell what you need and I will use my network to make the connection. You may know someone that needs the kind of help that I provide. Tell them about me. Better yet, introduce me to them. We need to meet each other.

“For, usually and fitly, the presence of an introduction is held to imply that there is something of consequence and importance to be introduced.” ~ Arthur Machen
Helpful  Hints
  • Introductions are welcomed when there is a problem to solve - I want to know if I can help someone

  • It helps to know someone in common - trust is the first foundation

  • Sometimes it is good know people that know people - I can connect two people that need to meet

  • Feel free to pass my information to someone that I need to know - let them judge if I can help

  • Always assume that I can help - I will say when I cannot

  • There are many ways to contact me
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