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Competitive Intelligence Organization Diagnostics
The detailed survey is 120+ questions divided among the ten categories. Click on any step in the diagram to display the diagnostic questions for that category.

Each question has four possible answers: never, infrequently, usually, and always. The assumption is that more mature competitive intelligence organizations will execute a larger number of the prescribed activities more often than those organizations that are less mature.

The results from this survey can be used for broad or narrow improvements to the competitive intelligence efforts of a company.
The broad improvements may be indicated when there are many weak areas or when there are significant, recognized missed opportunities or surprises.

The narrow improvements are likely to be applicable to organizations that already have a substantial competitive intelligence effort or that lack the resources to tackle broad improvements.

It may be useful to consider the sequence of improvements when multiple areas are identified. The ordering of the categories is a rough suggestion for the order that is important. The earlier steps are foundational. Without adequate performance in these areas, the overall competitive intelligence will not long endure. The later steps are also important since they reinforce the value and contributions of competitive intelligence to the senior management of a company.

The key execution steps for diagnosing and improving competitive intelligence in an organization are shown below.
Diagnostics Steps  
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