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Tom excels at talking you through your business situation, finding the 360 view, filtering out irrelevant details and distractions, and helping you focus on what really matters. And sure enough, his process leads to solutions.

Consulting is the act of helping another person, usually with their work, to improve their results.

“He has a right to criticize, who has a heart to help.” - Abraham Lincoln

Five Ways That I Help

Call Me When 2 or More are True

1.  Knowledge - “here is something that you didn’t know”
I bring you experience and perspective

2.  Process – “this is how you can accomplish more”
I explain how to use proven methods

3.  Personal – “overcoming internal fears and barriers to success”
I inspire people to solve problems

4.  Relational – “developing better, more productive relationships with your co-workers or team”
I model ways to work together well

5.  Encouragement – “remembering what you are capable of doing”
I inspire a sense of what is possible

  • We are having trouble defining clearly what we want to do.

  • Even after we have a good definition, important people do not agree or support the vision.

  • Although we know a lot, we are puzzled about our next steps.

  • We have implemented a good strategy but are not seeing the results that we expected.

  • We are considering doing something new and need a plan to explore our options.

  • We spend most of our time thinking internally rather than externally.

  • We regularly are surprised by competitive news and competitor moves.

  • We need a fresh perspective to test our internal decisions.


Examples of My Work

SOFTWARE COMPANY: I worked with the CEO to define potential growth opportunities. My contribution was to test his ideas against his internal competencies, to refine his value proposition and to think through his target customer base.

MANUFACTURER: I created and implemented a competitive intelligence process for a major electronics manufacturer that lacked a coordinated function. My contribution was a centralized process that balanced the internal view biases with a holistic view of the competition.

SERVICES: I helped another CEO that ran multiple businesses think through his business expansion possibilities. We compared his plans to his resources and capabilities. My contribution was to refine his messaging, challenge his market assumptions and provide practical steps to evaluate his ability to growth.

NONPROFIT: I helped the organization President to refine the markeitng communications strategy to reach key supporters and motivate them to action. My contribution was to review existing strategies, clarify the objectives and define guidelines for marketing.

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