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Tom is an honest, warm, and friendly person. Always a straight shooter, and with can-do attitude. Tom represented TI’s interests but was always sensitive to the special needs of Virtio, the small startup. Tom’s personal life story was a source of inspiration to me and my family.

Coaching is not about the coach. What the coach knows, what he has done or hopes to accomplish matter little. What matters more are the changes in those that are coached. Their progress, lessons and improvements mean everything. My goal is to inspire overcoming greatness in others.

A good coach will make his players see what they can be rather than what they are.” ~ Ara Parasheghian 
Example Problems That I Help to Overcome
  • Suppose you are having problems reaching agreement within your team or with your bosses.
    Let me suggest new approaches to communicating effectively.

  • What do you do when you have to learn something complicated for a new assignment?
    Let me explain how to think using models to simplify and organize your problem solving.

  • Maybe you have to prepare a persuasive agrument to justify a new venture or initiative.
    Let me explain solid fundamentals that you can adapt for your organization.

  • Sometimes outstanding problem solvers simply get stuck and cannot figure out how to proceed.
    Let me provide you an outside perspective to get you moving again.

  • Organizations can be lonely places for decision-makers.
    Let me be a trustworthy, experienced listener to help you refine your thouthts.

  • There might be specific problem that requires innovative thinking.
    Let me work with you to inject extra creative thinking to lead to new solutions.

My coaching services are intensely personal. I am available to talk by phone or in person.
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